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Over the next few weeks, this site is undergoing renovations and additions ... basicly, there's been a call by the community for a truly central place to find information, files and have a social community forum.
SWWISA, Rens & OvS' Hell's Angels, Flybert's Chateau and several community leaders are discussing how we can centralise & logically crosslink and move certain projects ahead with a broader base of participation

.. with this in mind I have the pleasure of announching:

Other projects:
*A new Red Baron 3D installation guide and other *beginner* pages ( work in progress )
A broad set of custom MMP setup and event initiatives
* An *open* proposal to Sierra about co-operation with the community
MP paint aces' schemes revision from Western Front Patch skins .. MP paint schemes and templates for 2-seat , bombers and new scouts.
Please e-mail with your suggestions and offers of help !:)
12-27-03 Wolfgang von Wellhausen's "FiF" flight model for *stock* game plane types with damage models by Wilhelm
WvW2.01a ... includes damage files
WvW2.01aFMonly ... flight model files only

11-15-2003 UOP 4.5 by Baron von Benz , Flanders Fields by Cam Riley,
and other oldies-but-goodies posted Past SP UOPs

Sept 2003 Full Canvas Jacket is GOLD and shipping !

~~~~~~~ 04-18-03 NEW E-MAIL ADDY: Flybert ~~~~~~~

05-25-03 Warpaints Squad Updates New RAC Hun
~~~~~~~~~~~ MPFirstv33d required ~~~~~~~~~~~

Rens Red Baron MMP Secure Server !
Server ops, and tournament planners ... GET IT, USE IT !!!
Pilots .... GET IT, USE IT !!!

. . . . get onboard with this, it expands the gameplay options, secures any server set up and game world mod files. Safe and easy to use !

04-18-03 Warpaints Squad Updates
Updated Jasta 23b, Black Haze, RAC
New Jasta 56(RAF 56), RAF209 Hun sets ( is nothing sacred ? :)

02-12-03 Squad Update
RAF209 folder and paintcfg.ini corrected.
Please download individual from WarPaints page.

Warpaints Squad Updates
Updated FA62, J23b, J99, PJ666, RAC, RFC266, N9
RAF209 & RAF28 sets NEW SPA124 squad.
NEW Confederate States Open Use

11-03-02 US22/Esc22 reactivated, HFS-6 added v33a
08-25-02 Major Warpaints Updates to PJ666, Black Haze, New EAC
~~~~~~~~ ALL 3 Large MP Squads zip files updated v33

03-04-03 Aerocraft 3D Models section updated !
Added about 70 listings ~ links to SWWISA planes
93 models posted here + over 120 listing~links to SWWISA
Over 130
distinct aerocraft types ~ varieties available !:)

02-12-03 New N17 & AlbD2 bombers (RBWL) 2-seater set

02-10-03 2-gun Tripe files updated to include full function in Normal Flight Mode.

CdT~SWWISA Aerocraft for MMP. 10 model replacements by Charles de Thielt and 12 by other SWWISA members.

WFP_MMP default skins for Charles de Thielt and SWWISA MMP scout models.

Cdt Memorial Stone for MMP, replaces the house at the villages with the above pictured Memorial Stone. Graphics Resources

10-20-02 Object Level of Detail improvement system v1.0
Ya know how , as you are flying away from buildings ,vehicles and other ground objects, that they take on an ugly color that doesn't shade or blend well with the close up appearence ? This file set solves this problem without a framerate hit for stock RBII/3D.

11-02-02 Wingstrut 2.2 repost in new Past SP UOPs page

10-25-02 MP map conversion palette

new logos available .. click above for the new page and info

08-02-02 Large gallery of Western Front Patch with
New Promised Land beta test terrains , sky and effects !

06-14-02 RBWL3 version5 numbered in-game map files. Both black and white numbered versions , great for drawing weekly battle plans. Suitable for printing or in-game use.

06-01-02 Combined RBII/3D aerocraft and object texture convertion palette good for in-game use as well, on Paint Tips page.
Easier use and 16 more colors added, RBII Sky colors !:)

05-30-02 NoGunFlash stabilize your framerate while shooting & see the bullet stream a bit better as it leaves the gun :)

05-09-02 MP Screens Stock MP Title ,'Connect' ,'Lobby', and an improved Load up (Wait) screen I made from the similar SP screen .. also some lobby screen parts ..great to customise for MP war or squad use

08-18-01 SP Maps added to Maps Page

05-15-01 LiteSmoke ~ Skywriting Smoke relacement files

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